Backpacker Travel: 10 Basic Tips to Enjoy Your Trip

Backpacker Travel: 10 Basic Tips to Enjoy Your Trip

Backpackers is the term used to name a person who travels with his backpack on his back, hiking, and travels the road or solves the problems of his trip independently, instead of opting for tours or agencies that do so he.

The trips represent an encounter with us and with our ability to take on the risk and adventure of being backpackers.

You know, travel with a huge desire to experience and discover new places; especially if you visit them differently and with that hunger to know other cultures and scenarios.

Traveling with your backpack on your back is one of the best and cheapest ways to discover the world. Carry only what is necessary is ideal to move with agility cities and countries. Sleeping in shelters is an experience in which you will meet great people and remember for a lifetime. And, best of all, you will not need too much money to move.

Although in principle you could go backpacking anywhere, there are destinations that are specially prepared to receive you and your backpack.

Here are some basic tips for traveling with a backpack on your shoulder:

  1. Your main companion is the backpack

In it you must wear little clothes (3 pair to a lot and something comfortable to sleep), personal hygiene items (toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, sunscreen, disposable handkerchiefs), hat and sunglasses.

  1. If you already know what your destiny is, try to take a small guide

A map that resolves at least your location and the main attractions that may interest you during your stay.

  1. Travel comfortable

Shoes antiderrapantes or tennis are ideal, also try to take a pair of sandals or sandals that do not take much place in the backpack, you will get out of a thousand troubles.

  1. Regarding food, always try to go to the market of the community where you arrive

Apart from being very economical you will find a great variety of typical dishes that will be a true delight for your palate; this will also bring you closer to the community and its way of life.

  1. Time is what counts when traveling with a backpack over your shoulder

Wake up early to take advantage of the day, if possible plan your transfers in buses or groups, and ask for information and costs of the sites of interest in the tourist offices or at the reception where you stay.

  1. if you have the opportunity to ask for a lift, try to do it

In short distances, talk to the driver of the step you take so you know when you are going to get off the vehicle. Remember that also who gives you the famous “ride” is in the same conditions of confidence as you, so relax and harmonize the moment.

  1. Travel with your best friend

Share these trips with someone of similar traveling spirit. It is always better to travel as a couple, it is much more fun.

  1. Gadgets

Do not forget a camera and mobile phone with their respective chargers or batteries. The music on the iPod cannot miss, this will help you to enjoy your trip even more and make your way pleasurable.

  1. No one knows better your new destination than the locals

Talk to them, they are inhabitants who tell you very interesting stories and give you recommendations of the best travel destinations or alternatives in your trip; They also provide you with valuable information and secrets that other travelers will never know!

  1. Carry at least one identification

If you are a student, be sure of the validity, this will allow you to obtain some discounts in transportation, museums, hostels and restaurants.

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