All Aspects About MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) or multimedia SMS is a boosted version of Short Message Service (SMS). It provides enhanced delivery of content, making it different from e-mails between phones. But MMS is a more expensive messaging service and might not be supported on all phones.  SMS has been comparatively fine-tuned for a longer time and may be supported on all phones.

But MMS enjoys a major advantage over SMS: that of multimedia content. SMS has capacity of only supporting text but MMS supports audio, videos and images inside your message. Thus MMS messages may include videos and photos recorded on media incorporated from a computer on a phone. In some phones, there is an option to use emoticons on the MMS. This superior level of customization permits delivering voice messages and include more variety to the message than only text.


SMS limits messages up to 160 characters counting punctuation and spaces. Not only does MMS messaging  permit you to insert more format and styles inside  your message, but also permits you to conduct longer messaging between phones. MMS does not have a maximum character limit but your phone might stipulate a limit. Capability to send a longer message makes MMS a more effective mode of communication when e-mail is not available, such as feature phones which don’t provide internet access.


The efficiency of an SMS message depends on the phone of a recipient. What may be an entertaining video for someone with an iPhone may be too tough to watch for someone with a feature phone. Pictures taken with various dimensions or resolutions may be tough to view on a different display with corresponding loss of detail. Another factor is that sound on phone of your recipient may not be as clear on your phone.


You may not know whether recipient of your MMS has a phone that can support MMS. Though smartphones with multimedia support are becoming common, many individuals use feature phones. Beyond this not everyone has MMS enabled on their plan. Various phones will support various media types; the format in which phone records a view, may not be playable on the phone of your recipient.


Receiving and sending MMS messages may cost more on your plan and plan of your recipient particularly if text messages are paid per message. Costs are different as per your cellular plan. Some may define the MMS cost per message, while others do it per kilobyte. Messages are charged to both recipient and sender. Check with your carrier to understand any costs linked to your MMS.

MMS has joined the bandwagon of online marketing and advertising. Because most people are using mobile phones all the time presents a great advertising opportunity. This opportunity can be used with SMS and MMS by both online text message and multimedia content.

MMS permits audio, video and images to be sent on mobile phones. But rather than considering MMS as the stronger-faster-harder edition which makes obsolete SMS, it is good to realize that both have their place and time.

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