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Ace the exams with confidence…

Class 10th and 9th courses have never been easy on any student. One can only try their best to be prepared for them. Despite what all the books, experts and the well-wishers say, there is no “sure to work” guide which can guarantee success in these exams. Students need to carefully examine and plan according to their strengths and requirements. Just like they say one shoe doesn’t fit all, one routine or study plan will not work for every student.

There are couple of things that can help students gain more confidence with attempting class 10th and 11th exams. One can pick and choose and make a schedule that suit their needs. Students could also opt for foundation course for class 10.

  • Depending on whether you are an early riser or late sleeper, you can work your schedule around it. Students shouldn’t ignore their body, knowing it will help in the long run. Getting enough sleep every night is crucial for the concentration and focus.
  • Making your study plan as innovative and interesting as possible will only help you to be more engaged. You can consider things like:
    • Making small and specific daily and weekly goals. Goals should be specific and achievable, for e.g.: Exact topics, chapters and page numbers you would want to cover. It is recommended to mix-up the subjects to study and keep it dynamic.
    • Small rewards for achieving each goal, could be fun breaks, small treats or time off for a hobby.
    • Using color codes for the subjects in the plan.
  • It is ok if you are not able to follow the study plan to the second. It is nice to be flexible and shift things around in case the initial estimations were a bit off.
  • Pre-board exams could be a great indication for your preparation level for the final deal. It can directly help point out the courses to target and provide guidance for your study plan ahead.
  • Visuals appeal more to some students. So for them little notes, diagrams or small flow charts could be an effective solution to remembering and grasping concepts. It becomes easy to comprehend and the information is retained for a long amount of time.
  • Considering today’s ever-changing environment, students also have option of choosing online courses. There are many foundation course for class 9 and class 10. There are many benefits of choosing online courses. There is a lot more study material available online accessible with a click of a button, it’s a lot easier to search for an article online than in a library. In these online courses, there are enough of practice question papers also you can get your hands on.
  • Group study can also help to really grasp the concepts. It may work very well for some of the students. These sessions work especially well for the topics which need to be understood at a conceptual level.

These pointers could aid you in preparing for class 10 and 9 exams in the best possible manner. Like mentioned before though, there are no sure shot ways to success in these exams. One needs to tailor and design their own course program according to their needs.

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