9 Beautiful Budget Destinations for Those Who Want To Spend Little

Traveling can be expensive however, it does not always have to be. After all, luxury is even traveling. If you want to explore the world without ruining your bank account, check out this list and discover some of the cheap destinations that will surprise you. They surprise us, not only because they are cheap destinations but also because of what they offer to those who visit them: beautiful landscapes, gastronomic wealth, culture and diversity. If you like to travel and want to spend little, consider these 10 destinations.


Near Portugal both can go to Morocco by car or plane. Apart from the proximity, it offers affordable prices, both in terms of accommodation and meals. Staying in a riad in central Marrakesh can stay for less than 45 euros. If you do not return home without souvenirs, you will also find good prices here. However, it is the diversity and natural beauty of this country, both priceless, that will in fact win.

Costa Rica

If you enjoy visiting different cities in Costa Rica, long-distance travel is quite affordable if you do not mind traveling by bus. Staying near a good beach for surfing, can cost less than 10 euros. Already seeing monkeys, sloths and tapirs in the jungle is free.


Planning a trip to India is also a good idea as it is a very economical destination. As well as being a giant country, it has delicious and inexpensive food and a wide variety of activities along with various sightseeing.


Thailand is already a classic for those who enjoy backpacking. It is one of the most sought after destinations in Southeast Asia and is the perfect setting for a heavenly holiday. And even if you choose to travel backpacking, you do not necessarily have to stay in a hostel. There are affordable hotels and apartments. Food and leisure here are not expensive either.


And if you do not seek exoticism or go too far, do not despair. In Europe there are also destinations with good value for money. Poland is a good bet, in part, for continuing to use the Polish currency (Zloty) instead of the Euro. In Poland you can eat well for a good price, as well as stay. The attractions and the museums are also quite affordable.


The flight can be expensive, but you can enjoy your holiday in a quiet way. Local markets are quite affordable and the bus network, also economical, works well. If you are going to Peru and want to appreciate wildlife, be sure to include in your itinerary a passage through the Ballestas Islands.


They say it has one of the most amazing cuisines in the world and the Georgians have a reputation for welcoming tourists. You are likely to feel at home in Georgia. Not being a destination much sought after by tourists makes it more accessible. Here is also one of the oldest cities in Europe: Mtskheta . It is best to visit this place before the crowds.


The economic problems that Greece has faced in recent years have made it an attractive destination for those who do not want to spend much. Among the more than six thousand islands and islets, there are great treasures, paradisiacal scenery, sometimes difficult to choose. Nowadays, both housing and food are affordable. In addition, you will feel good to know that you are contributing to the country’s recovery.


Whether you have the luxury of a wine route or dinner in a fine restaurant, you will always pay less than you would in France or Italy. In Bulgaria you will not be bored, after all, offers diverse landscapes ranging from mountains to beaches.

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