8 Things That Can Go Wrong At A Corporate Party And How To Avoid Them

Just like any major event, hosting a corporate party doesn’t come without hurdles and difficulties. In fact, it is near impossible to throw an event without encountering problems along the way. Just because there are many challenges to overcome doesn’t mean you won’t be able to plan the party of the year.

Here are the most common issues that can threaten the success of a corporate party and how you can deal with them:

1 – Unpredictable Weather

A heavy downpour can result in more guests canceling last minute than attending the party. Since you can’t really control the weather, it makes sense to be prepared. Check weather updates days before the party and inform your guests to be ready. Just to be sure, never plan an outdoor party during the rainy months.

2 – Lack Of Attendees

There are several instances where not enough people show up for the party and it becomes one of the saddest events of the year. To avoid this, make sure to remind people that your event is coming up at least a few days before the event. It will also help to check the calendar and schedule your party on a day where no other events are happening so that people will attend.

3 – Sudden Venue Changes

Although it is not a common problem, it is a major one. For whatever reason, the venue changes at the very last minute, be sure to update your guests about the change. If it is possible, you can also provide transportation to the new venue if it is a little out of the way for your guests.

4 – Not Enough Food And Drinks

Make sure to have an accurate headcount when hiring catering for parties. When you do have a headcount, add at least 20 more to that number just to ensure there are enough food and drinks to sustain everyone throughout the party. You don’t want people walking out because the catering for parties company wasn’t able to prepare enough food for everyone.

5 – The Venue Is Too Small

There have been several events where guests were forced to cram inside the venue or were forced to stay outside because of the lack of room. To avoid this, make sure the capacity of the venue is more than enough to accommodate guests and the personnel working for the party.

6 – Party Crashers

There are people who just want to crash parties because they have nothing else to do. Avoid this by hiring an excellent security team that will be strict on the no invitation, no entry policy.

7 – Lack Of Entertainment

Your guests can easily feel bored when they aren’t entertained through the night. This doesn’t mean hiring A-List stars to perform for the event. A good DJ and an excellent host will be more than enough to hype everyone for the party.

8 – Not Enough Organizers

As much as you want to do everything yourself, it is impossible to be in two places at once, let alone 5 places. Organize a team of event managers and give them specific responsibilities for the night. Check in on them and work as a team so that the party can flow smoothly with as little problems as possible.

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