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7 Serious Signs You Need Couples Therapy

Marriage isn’t just about love and happiness. We need not forget about the second half of the deal- the hardships. Sure, we can hope for the best as we say our vows and pledge to love our partner for better or for worse, but problems are inevitable. And some problems may need the help of the expert. Here are serious signs that you need marriage counseling.

  1. Infidelity

If you or your partner just had or is having an affair, it is a tell-tale sign the relationship is lacking something. While an affair oftentimes leads to separation, it is still possible to salvage the relationship—as long as both partners are willing to put in the work. A professional marriage counselling Castle Hill by Colleen Hurll can help couples resolve infidelity problems.

  1. Poor Communication

Good communication is crucial to any marriage, and strong couples must be able to talk about a variety of issues. When an issue pops up that you and your spouse can’t talk about, an objective third party may be the voice you need to sort out what to do. You also need marriage counseling if you and your partner aren’t talking about anything anymore.

  1. Unending Argument

Have things gotten to the point where you can’t even say “hi” without an argument? It’s exhausting to be in a relationship with someone when you’re constantly bickering. Home should be the right place where you can let your guard down and have time to relax, so be sure to have at least civil conversation. If you can’t exist in the same space without arguing, this should be cause for concern.

  1. Disconnection

Do you and your partner spend a lot of time in your respective phones? Even if you’re not texting or talking to others online, spending all your time scrolling through Facebook isn’t doing much for the strength of your relationship. Do you have a hard time separating yourself from your phone? Or, do you tend to pick it up because you don’t know what to say to your partner?

  1. Nothing Seems To Stick

Another red flag indicating that you may need to seek help is if you and your partner have tried all means by your own, but you still can’t resolve your relationship issues. You’ve been through retreats, you’ve sought advice from family and friends, but nothing seems to work.

  1. Keeping Secrets

The average person keeps approximately 13 secrets at a time. Some of these are harmless. But, others could be eating you up inside and negatively affective your marriage. If you’re keeping secrets from your partner — or you thing that they’re keeping secrets from you — it’s time to work on rebuilding trust. A counselor can help you figure out why you’re hiding things and help you feel comfortable sharing.

  1. Intimacy Is Gone

It’s common for intimacy to decline as relationships mature. However, studies show that couples who have sex less than once a week tend to experience a decrease in overall happiness.

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