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4 Great Ways to Adorn an Oversize Artwork

Landscape Paintings – An oversized artwork is so enticing. It is an ultimate eye-catching piece which can elevate the entire look and feel of the space in a jiffy. There are so many ways in which a huge art piece helps in overlooking the other faults in the décor and draws all the attention to itself. A sign of a bold and flamboyant personality, oversized artworks are a great way to exhibit one’s persona. Since time immemorial, such kinds of pieces have attracted to the aesthetic appeal of people and have been a part of their places ever since.

Oversized landscape paintings have appealed to the masses from a long time. This is the reason why such pieces have dominated the art market for long. However, sometimes it can get a little bit difficult to work with such magnificent pieces. An improper placement can lead to the art piece looking extremely awful and appalling. All you need is a little bit of planning and help of the tips mentioned below in ensuring that you are able to strategically place the magnificent artwork perfectly in your space.

  • Minimal design in the rest of the room:
    This is a general rule of thumb when it comes to placing oversized paintings. The main intention of introducing a large piece is to make it the focal point. You must remember while placing other things around it. By keeping rest of the décor minimal, you are ensuring that the giganticpiece is able to spread its beauty and attract the attention it deserves. Whether you choose oversized Indian paintings or the ones created by international artists, this tip will surely help you in every given instance and works equally well for all.
  • Coordination is the key:
    When it comes to adorning any kind of artwork, whether landscape paintings or figurative art, irrespective of the genre to which the piece belongit is imperative to establish a link between the creation and rest of the place. Coordination will help in ensuring that the piece doesn’t look out of the place and blends seamlessly into the existing décor. You need to work on tying the entire space together and you certainly don’t have to spend the entire fortune on that. This can easily do by means of throw pillows and lighting fixtures. Adding such kinds of pieces alongside the gigantic painting will help in bringing the entire place together while creating a statement.
  • Getting creative:
    Creativity is the bottom line when it comes to adorning your space. Who said that the paintings can only be hanged? You can go creative and place the magnificent landscape paintings alongside the wall. Leaning it against the wall will give a very light appeal to the entire room in comparison to the heavy look which will be brought in by hanging it. Another great way of doing this is by placing it on a low piece of furniture like a bench. This will give an entirely different appearance to the space. You can play around with your paintings in so many different ways and certainly hanging them on walls isn’t the one and only way of it.
  • Keep it simple and soft:
    If you are afraid that an oversized painting might end up making your place look a bit crowded, then try to keep it simple. Rather than going for vibrant statement pieces, you can opt for softer prints and colour palettes. This will neither hijack the entire room nor will it shout for attention. If you don’t have a very loud personality still gigantic paintings can be your buddy.Soft patterns and subtle colours will be gentle on the eyes and accommodating them seamlessly in the space won’t look like a task either.

However, you must remember that these are just some suggestion. If you like to play around with pieces together, then that can also be done. These are general guidelines which can help you get a rough idea of the various ways in which oversized paintings can be placed. You can take these as stepping stones and mould them according to your personal taste and style. Whenever it comes to art, personal touches are paramount. Your space needs to be an extension of your personality and that is why you must choose the pieces which appeal to you.

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