3D Rapid Prototyping Services

How are 3D Rapid Prototyping Services Reshaping the Medical Field?

The 3D Rapid prototyping is an amalgam of techniques that are used to fabricate a scale model of a product or the assembly of the products with the help of 3D computer-aided design (CAD) data. After fabricating the scale model of the product or assembly of the products then starts the next phase that is the construction of the product using 3D printing technology or through “additive layer manufacturing” technology.

The use of Rapid Prototyping Services Delhi is made mainly in the manufacturing of cars and other vehicles but due to advancements in rapid prototyping services, its use in the fields of Education and Medicine has increased considerably in the last few years.

The use of rapid prototyping services in the field of medicine is being done to create scale models of medical devices, equipment, implantable and anatomical models.

Rapid Prototyping Services Use in the Medical Field

The use of Rapid Prototyping services is being made to create scale designs of medical devices like Stents, Syringes, retractors, surgical fasteners, stents and much more. The use of rapid prototyping services is being made in the designing and manufacturing of medical equipment like MRI machines, display devices, handheld testing, hospital beds, and testing and fluid collection equipment.

  1. The prototypes of anatomical parts help medicos in comprehending different surgical approaches. The doctors are even able to explain the options and procedures to patients. A few months ago, some bioengineering students belonging to the University of British Columbia became successful in printing a new and extremely effective type of surgical smoke evacuator.
  2. The prototyping services are also being used to create 3D models of hemostats, scalpel handles, forceps and clamps and much other equipment required in the medical field.
  3. Nowadays the use of 3D Printing is being made in the production of low-cost prosthetic parts which otherwise is a very destructive and time-consuming process. The use of 3D Printing will make it possible to produce very cheap and easily customizable and adjustable prosthetic sockets for patients around the globe. These prosthetic parts can be sent to areas where there is a war like situation. The chaos of war has left thousands of people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan with amputated limbs.
  4. A group of researchers in China and US printed models of cancerous tumors with the purpose to discover anti-cancer drugs. The models also prove helpful in understanding how the tumors in the human body develop, grow and spread.


 The advancements the in 3-D printing and rapid prototyping services will make it possible to construct human tissues in a laboratory. The tissue will be then implanted in the patient and after some time, they will grow as natural human tissues into the body. This is called tissue engineering. The Choosing  of  Rapid Prototyping Services and printing is already being used in the construction of Envisaging braces and hearing aids.

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