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10 Methods to Build Quality Backlinks

Building backlinks is the technique of Off Page Optimization and it helps the website to get higher rank in Search Engine Results. Backlinks are considered as a vote to the website. So getting more votes will helps the website to attain more ranking in search engines. That is why backlinks are more important. Here is a list of 10 methods to build quality backlinks are as follows.

Blog Commenting – It is one among the most well-known method for building Backlinks. It can be done, by simply leaving a comment on blog or website that is related to your website. Also make sure that you are not spamming the website. Always leave quality comment.

Article Submissions – There are several high quality article directories on the internet. Find it and submit your article to these directories. They will review and publish it in the relevant category. The finest way is to focus on the High Page Rank Article Directories.

Social Bookmarking – In Social Bookmarking, we can submit our url to the site. It not only gives us a high quality backlink, but also gives us lot of traffic if your post becomes widespread and gets pushed to the front page.

Social Media- There are several social media networking sites available in the internet. Some popular among them are Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter. After creating content for your website, you can share it in these social media websites.  Nowadays, these Social Medias are considered as a best source of building backlinks. Google is also valuing the links in these websites.

EDU Backlinks – These are links from Education related .EDU websites. They have extra authority, since it is related to Education.  If you can get a numerous quality backlinks from these kinds of domains it might intensely increase your rankings.

Exchange Backlinks – This one is actually simple. You find certain other sites in your subject, there you can exchange backlinks. As you, other websites are also looking for backlinks. So you can offer to exchange backlinks.

Topical Pages – These are amazing backlinks since the domain page ranks are so high for these kinds of sites. Some examples are squidoo and hubpages. Ensure to create backlinks that is relevant to your niche as well.

RSS Feeds – Many individuals over look these. Constantly check to submit your RSS feeds to numerous feed directories as you can.

Guest Posting – There are several guest blogs available, where they are accepting high quality articles and providing two backlinks. In order to publish your post in the site, you want to pay some money. There are also several sites for free publishing.

Quality Content – Quality is must for visitor to stay in the website. Today Search Engines are more advanced to check the quality of content. So keep on posting high quality contents. If people likes the content, they will share it.

As you can realize there are numerous other methods out there for getting high quality backlinks.

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